The Bible, well that’s all I read

Interview with a woman from Papua New Guinea:

“I read after I do my gardening, I read by the roadsides, I read by the rivers, I read in the jungles, I absolutely love reading.”
When did you start reading?
“A few years ago now. Over that mountain is a mission school. After hours, the missionaries offer different classes to the community. I enrolled myself to learn how to read.”

How come?
“I didn’t want to depend on my family to always read to me. I wanted freedom, so I went to school. Now I can read in my language.”

What have you read recently?
“The Bible, well that’s all I read. I’ve been reading the story of that boy David, who slays that giant, that’s my favourite.”

What an inspiration! We can definitely learn from this woman in our western society!

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