Large_130602_0495Wycliffe is a non-profit organization and does not provide income for their workers. All employees rely on financial supporters whilst overseas as well as when they live in their home country. We believe and know that God provides for us. And our finances is a subject we’d rather avoid talking about. But on the other hand we realize that if we don’t mention it, people won’t know about it. We completely understand that sometimes it’s overwhelming how many organizations there are who all need sponsors as well. But maybe after reading about us and our work, you may want to prayfully consider if you want to start supporting our work financially so that we can keep doing our work without worrying about our financial situation. Gifts can be transfered to our bank account:  NL48RABO0378307339 by the name of: Wycliffe Verschoor. Or you can click on the button. 

Many hands make the load lighter. Your contribution will help us with practical monthly bills. It allows us to continue to work fulltime for Wycliffe and makes you a part of the team of Bible translation work.

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